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Re-organization of Power

We support clients and partners in moving beyond the first step of awareness of power, towards actions that counter oppressive or inequitable power dynamics. Intersectionality is a key tool in reorganizing power to support those who experience unique and multiple forms of discrimination (due to racism, cissexism, homophobia, ableism, capitalism, imperialism and other systems of oppression).


We understand colonialism to structure existing norms, systems, mindframes, narratives, policies, and relationships in ways that harm Indigenous peoples. This includes active recognition of the settler colonial context in which our work takes place. We work to forefront models of anti-colonial practices that restore and support original people’s sovereign rights.

Learning in relationship

Our worldview and approach is relational, working to meet people where they are at. We believe that everyone has value, everyone is learning, and everyone will make mistakes. Working across difference necessitates compassion and accountability, and our trainings and coaching offer explorative spaces to build and practice these skills. 



Our principles serve as the guiding frameworks for all of our engagements. 

Aerial View of Waves


We understand that racism and white supremacy create a set of conditions locally and globally that influence the material, emotional, and psychological wellbeing of Black people, Indigenous people, and people of colour (BIPOC). Addressing racism requires intentional, consistent reflection and action to shift power dynamics, to support BIPOC leadership, and meet the needs of BIPOC communities.

honouring our lineages

Our work rests on the shoulders of many who have done the work before us, and will continue doing the work after us. We acknowledge throughout our processes the thinkers and doers who have influenced our work. We hold in consideration our relationships and accountability to our communities, clients, ancestors, each other, and the land throughout our work.

Frozen River
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